Our Story

At Super Spoon, we're driven by an unwavering passion for unlocking the full potential of nature's most incredible superfoods. It all started with a simple realization: the vast untapped potential of nutrient-rich gems like hemp seeds in our daily diets. Recognizing this opportunity, we set out to introduce these powerhouse ingredients in a format that's both familiar and versatile: spreads.

Our mission was crystal clear: to shake up the spread scene by infusing it with a wealth of nutrients while preserving irresistible flavor profiles. We handpicked superseeds like hemp, chia, and flax, alongside other nutritional powerhouses like cacao and matcha, to whip up spreads that champion health without sacrificing taste.

Crafting our signature Superseed Butter demanded countless trials to perfect the texture and balance of healthy fats, all while staying true to our commitment to allergen-free, nutrient-rich ingredients. With every dollop, we invite you on a journey of flavor exploration—a harmonious blend of earthy richness and subtle sweetness that's as fulfilling as it is delightful.

Welcome to Super Spoon, where each spread narrates a tale of health, flavor, and excitement.


Connor Sterphone & Jared Prince

Co-Founders of Superspoon