About Us

Beyond the Jar

Our mission is to craft delicious super food-based products that are allergen-free and inspire healthier choices! Cofounder Jared kick-started a food venture and brought in Connor, a professional chef, to support his journey. Together, they poured their real-life experiences into creating something new: Seed+Oat Butter. With Connor's culinary magic, they focused on crafting a tasty, nutrient-dense, and wholesome product. Inspired by Jared's role as a dad to three kids, they made sure it was not only kid-friendly but also packed with nutrition. They even went the extra mile to keep it top nine allergen-free, so it's school-safe, safe to share, and parent-approved.



Super Ingredients

At Garnish, we're all about ingredients that have a purpose. We source ingredients carefully to make sure they're nutrient-dense and allergen-free. Every ingredient we use, from hemp seeds to spices, is thoughtfully selected with transparency and care. Join us on this journey of embracing simple, wholesome ingredients that transform each indulgent bite into a delightful adventure.